BBC Radio Afternoon Show 03.03.20

Reviewing arts & culture on BBC Radio's Afternoon Show 03.03.20

BBC Reporter's Notebook

Discussing how male and female victims of GHB attacks are treated differently by society and the media. 22.02.20

BBC Radio Afternoon Show screenshot 05

Reviewing Ian Rankin's new book, Anna Meredith's album, and the V&A Hello Robot exhibition on BBC Radio's Afternoon Show with Janice Forsyth. 05.11.19

BBC Loop screengrab 24.04.19

Reviewing Andrew Marr's art exhibition at Summerhall and the V&A exhibition, Video Games, on BBC arts programme, Loop. 24.04.19

BBC Afternoon Show

Reviewing arts & culture on BBC Radio's Afternoon Show 23.04.19

BBC Afternoon Show

Reviewing arts & culture on BBC Radio's Afternoon Show 02.04.19

BBC Radio, Afternoon Show

Talking about my old circus, La Clique, Barbra Streisand, and Kate Bush 04.12.18

BBC Radio, Afternoon Show, 13.11.18

Talking about A Different Drummer, Monster Chetwynd, and David Attenborough's Dynasties

BBC Radio, Stark Talk interview

Talking about my life in circus, burlesque, music management, journalism and art 09.05.18

BBC Radio Winter Weekend

I joined opera singer Karen Cargill and poet Stuart Paterson to talk about my heroine, Maya Angelou 26.01.18

BBC Radio Kaye Adams Show

I was interviewed by Kaye Adams about New York, Dundee and art. 01.11.17

BBC2 Timeline

Short film about my political work and Papercut This Book, by BBC2's Timeline programme. 26.10.17


I was interviewed on STV's Live at Five about my life, my work and Papercut This Book 11.10.17

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