Hailed as the only political papercutting artist in the world, Boo Paterson’s work sticks two fingers up at establishment hypocrisy – often distorting perceptions to make harrowing subjects look beautiful.


Though papercutting is commonly used to portray folksy woodland scenes and inspirational quotes, Boo subverts the technique to explore taboo subjects such as rape, poverty and the drowning of refugees. 


It is this ability to highlight injustice in the most visually commanding ways that made her a two-time winner at the prestigious American Illustration Awards.


An ex-journalist blurring the line between fine art and political illustration, her laser-guided eye for human suffering saw her work selected for exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy of Art, followed by a BBC film on her work and a radio broadcast on her unconventional life.


Boo’s introduction to art was early and intense. Her socially conscious working-class parents drove her round Europe in their ratchety car to visit some of the greatest galleries in the world - a stark contrast to their unheated home in bleak 70s Edinburgh.


Her firefighter father was an author in his spare time and the rejected sheets that fell from his typewriter became her first paper sculptures as a small child. 



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Her parents’ growing alcoholism meant moving house and school every few years and she sought refuge from the chaos in art, books, and the fury of her brother’s punk-rock records.


Mentored by the acclaimed Scottish artist, Tony Morrow, her work is now in the hands of several top collectors, and she has been covered in the media worldwide.


A Renaissance woman in every sense, she has worked in the jazz, burlesque, circus and vintage worlds around the globe and incorporated all these influences into her art.


Precociously creative, Boo continues to work with a diverse range of people who excite her imagination. Everyone from performance poets, milliners, and theatre producers clamour to collaborate with her. She was even courted by Vogue after she created beautiful hand-cut Covid face shields during the pandemic.


Not shy of new platforms, Boo’s first ever TikTok video got 1.3 million hits and she is now set to become an NFT sensation.


Represented by top US agents, David Goldman Agency (illustration) and David Black Agency (literary), she has two books out worldwide with Simon & Schuster and Abrams.