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Filming fun with BBC

BBC2's Timeline and BBC Radio's Kaye Adams Programme both featured me in the last few days.

Timeline focussed on my political work, as well as Papercut This Book, with some great footage showing how papercutting is done.

The filming was a really enjoyable process. The hardest bit was trying to finish a papercut against the clock - I did it in 30 minutes instead of the usual hour for the film crew!

A few days later, Kaye Adams invited me on to speak on her radio show about both my home towns; New York and Dundee, and discuss the art scenes and speakeasies in both.

I wrote The Greatest Speakeasies in New York City a few years ago, so I was well placed to comment on Dundee's new establishment, and I feel it comes off very well compared to the Manhattan speaks.

You can hear my clip at this link.

Kaye Adams programme

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