This work - titled Atlas & Rivington - is the first of a series called The Greek Gods in New York, by artist Boo Paterson

In Greek mythology, the Titan, Atlas, was responsible for bearing the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Here, I've moved him to a modern-day Manhattan, where his task is to bear the weight of a crumbling tenement on his shoulders, while a woman hangs out washing on the roof, oblivious to the danger.

This is a signed, limited-edition of 225 A4-size works with a blue backing and 225 with a grey backing. There are three A3-sized versions of the grey left at the sale price of £70

*Please note that I retain the copyright to all my artworks and purchase does not buy the rights to reproduce the images in any way.

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Atlas & Rivington

£70.00 Regular Price
£40.00Sale Price
A3: Grey
  • Shipping costs £6.50 to the UK and £12 to the US. They come packed in cellophane bags, with recycled card backing, and hard-backed envelopes.

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