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Look beautiful,

not medical

I'm making beautiful, bespoke face shields for select clients - so you can be stylish while staying safe.

These creations can feature your own branding, or even a favourite theme, incorporated into the design.

The shields are hand-crafted from medical-grade, 500-micron PET plastic, and feature the obligatory gap between headband and shield to prevent misting.

Super-comfortable, soft elastic headbands provide proper support to prevent slipping.


The headbands and applique facial elements are riveted by hand and are very sturdy, and can be cleaned in warm soapy water, or with anti-viral spray.

Perfect for summer, allowing you to breathe normally and be protected, but with style.

Click the contact button below to discuss your requirements.

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“I commissioned a personalized face shield from Boo. Super-creative and quick on the uptake, she immediately understood what I was looking for and came up with very elegant solutions to all my special requests. I am extremely happy with the beautiful one-of-a-kind art piece she created: Highly recommended!”

                    Sol Kjok, Artist

"I have the honour of owning one of Boo Paterson's first bespoke face shields. I have always been a fan of her paper art, so was over the moon when she was able to interpret exactly what I was after with a stunning 'underwater' themed mask that would make Neptune jealous. The only drawback is having to answer endless questions about it wherever I go - her masks are truly iconic."

Tristan Pinero, Publicist

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