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Pre-order my new woodworking-for-beginners book

I'm delighted to announce that my new self-illustrated woodworking book for absolute beginners is now available for pre-order.

'Cut, Shape, Assemble' will show you how to create wooden items for your home - even in a very small area and with just a few hand-tools.

I specifically wanted to encourage women to take up this enjoyable craft, as they've traditionally been excluded from it by its macho reputation.

Published by Countryman Press - an imprint of WW Norton - it is released in the US in August and in the UK in September

First Art Kit

Creativity can be a useful tool to help you thrive whenever you feel stressed. 

Now, in First Art Kit, I've blended thoughtful discussion of common psychological problems - from coping with anxiety to beating bullying - with uplifting, therapeutic crafts.

These 25 absorbing projects feature step-by-step instructions and templates so adult crafters of all abilities can practice self-care and boost their creativity. 

Whether you're having trouble sleeping, need to improve your self-esteem, or just want to create some beautiful artwork, this light and encouraging guide provides practical tips to ease the mind and soothe the soul. Published by Simon & Schuster.

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Papercut This Book

In Papercut This Book, I share my 
passion for the intricate art of papercutting.


Starting with an introduction to basic papercutting techniques, I show you how to create your own beautiful paper wildlife scenes.

Cutting templates are included along with high-quality art paper in a variety of colours – all you need is a scalpel and a cutting board.


The projects vary in complexity, making this book perfect both for beginners and for those wanting to develop their skills further. Published by Abrams.

The Greatest

Speakeasies in

New York City

Down dark alleys, hidden behind boarded-up shops or anonymous doors, are New York’s biggest secrets: the raucous, cocktail-swigging speakeasies that are still in operation 80 years after Prohibition ended. 


Some are original – relics from the Jazz Age, restored to their former glory – whilst others have meticulously recreated the Prohibition era with antique fittings, gin in teacups, and a Boardwalk Empire aesthetic of bartenders in waistcoats mixing cocktails in subterranean pleasure palaces. 

As it's an e-book, it can be easily referred to on smartphone or tablet whilst you’re out and about.


So if you want a shortcut to living like a local in New York, this book will direct you to those great secret bars with the killer cocktails.

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