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What is the New York Gold


I decided to revamp my newsletter to give my subscribers something extra each week.


That 'something' is the best of New York, as experienced by me in real life. No robots. No screen scraping or regurgitated 'best of' lists. It will only include things that I personally find enjoyable and show the fascinating, beautiful, and quirky elements of the city.


Although I'm an artist and author, the one question I'm always asked is 'what's the coolest bar/exhibition/experience in New York right now?'.


In fact, I was asked 'what are the best speakeasies in Manhattan?' so often that I created a saved email with a list of hidden bars I would send to friends who asked. That eventually became this book.


So, as well as my art, illustration, and writing, you'll also find out about the back-room burlesques, speakeasy lounges, and jaw-dropping exhibitions that are happening in the Naked City.

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