The Farmer & The Snake

Book sculpture based on the Aesop's fable about betrayal

Don't Visit Britain

Pastiche of a Tom Purvis 1930s LNER 'East Coast Joys' poster, exchanging bright young things for refugees.


Book sculpture of a horse

Sarah Everard

Image depicting the police brutality at the vigil for Sarah Everard

Art Vultures

Papercut made from Working Tax Credit rejection forms.

Covid Old Glory

Papercut sculpture illustrating America's response to the Covid-19 crisis - used as cover for Paisley Art Institute's programme

American Illustration Awards 2021 winning entry

Front page of magazine, commissioned by The Courier to celebrate the newspaper's anniversary, plus the Mary Quant exhibition in Dundee. This work won an American Illustration Award, 2021


Paper collage of the pop star Beyonce

Is This What 1 in 4 Looks Like?

Paper sculpture about sexual assault

To My Sad Self

Paper sculpture with scalpel blades about depression

Give Take

In life, some people give, some take. This work explores this idea.


Papercut for my self-illustrated book, Papercut This Book, published by Pavilion

Book Holiday

Paper collage to promote my e-course, Book Holiday

Liberty Climbing Out of Hell

Papercut illustration showing the Statue of Liberty climbing out of the pits of Hell after Biden's election win.

Going Down

As the fallout from the Capitol riots continues, and Trump is impeached again - as well as facing multiple lawsuits - he faces going from the highest office to rock bottom

Manhattan Swing

Collage to illustrate New York coming out of lockdown

Carbon Cut

Illustration showing how Biden plans to cut carbon by 50% by 2030.


Papercut sculpture on the subject of poverty. Exhibited at Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh.

Je Suis Charlie

After Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People, this work commemorates the artists and writers killed during the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris.

Sea Sick

Papercut showing refugees drowning in a whirlpool of barbed wire. This work was shortlisted in the World Illustration Awards 2016, and has been exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy Open Exhibition.

Covid Liberty
Travel By Life Raft

Shortlisted in the World Illustration Awards 2018, this pastiche of a Tom Purvis 1930s LNER 'East Coast Joys' poster shows refugee kids washed up on the shore.

Bar Santiser

Illustration to show bars reopening with Covid precautions

Black Lives Matter

A papercut created in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the subsequent BLM protests in the US

Surfacing with the NHS

How the vaccination is allowing people to gradually surface after lockdown.

Trump Grenade

Illustration about the Capitol riots, showing Trump as a grenade, pulling the pin out of his own head

Death of a Rose

Papercut sculpture using vintage map of Europe on the subject of Brexit.

Covid Britannia
Lose Your Children

Pastiche of a Tom Purvis 1930s LNER 'East Coast Joys' poster, exchanging a sunbathing couple for refugees

Dulce et Decorum est

Papercut made from Haig Fund poppies, outlining the cyclical nature of war.

American Psycho

This illustration depicts the fallout from a Trump presidency.

Off Switch

Illustration shows Les Moonves of CBS, after he was accused of sexual misconduct, with the CBS logo for his eyes, and a woman's hand reaching for the 'off' switch.


Illustration showing Harvey Weinstein having the red carpet pulled out from under him by a woman whose dress becomes the carpet he stands on

London Rose

Book sculpture of roses.

Jacob Blake

Black Lives Matter image showing Jacob Black and his kids as a rifle range target, after he was shot 7 times by police

Golden Bird

Commission by publishers Pavilion for a book scheduled for release in summer 2017.

Yemen Hunger

2 million children in Yemen are starving to death due to war and coronavirus is further ravaging the country

La Mentira

La Mentira (the lie) papercut about men who offer feminism with one hand while groping you with the other.


This was created for the New York radio show 360 Degrees, whose producer asked me to make a work from USA income tax forms. The title refers to the amount of tax the US spends on defence.

Unicorn Unchained

Papercut of a unicorn - the emblem of Scotland - breaking free of its chains. This was created prior to the Scottish Referendum on independence.

Night of a Thousand Eyes

Papercut created after the Michael Brown killing in Ferguson Missouri.

Stormy Trump

It's alleged that porn star Stormy Daniels was paid off by Trump with campaign money. I've depicted her here as Lady Justice.

Book sculpture

Book sculpture of crane.

The Dear, Dear Earth

Copper swallow with car and clock parts over vintage map. Part of a series, for Open Eye Gallery's Small Scale Exhibition Dec - Jan 2020

Love Circle

Papercut sculpture of a rat with a heart in its mouth crawling inside a palace.

Fucking Noise

Abstract papercut outlining the toxic effects of long-term loud noise on people's mental health.

Lightning Rider

Mixed-media collage and bas-relief incorporating pages from Henry Ford's autobiography.

The Owl and the Crow

Papercut showing a woman trapped by dress of thorns.

Rats' nest

Papercut showing rats fighting in nest of shredded documents, in wake of Trump, Cohn, Manafort and Sessions counter-attacks

Atlas & Rivington

Papercut from the Greek Gods in New York series showing Atlas holding up a New York tenement building.

Little White Rose

Papercut created on the day of the Glasgow School of Art fire. Beneath the flames is Hugh MacDiarmid's poem, Little White Rose.

Consult Me

Collage for private client

Men Doing Things, Women Doing Things

Collage to illustrate sexist gender expectations.


Collage for Open Eye Gallery's Small Scale Exhibition Dec - Jan 2020

No, Never Can It Be

Copper swallows on vintage map of South Victoria Land, part of a diptych on grief and loss. Swallows carry parts of Blake poem, On Another's Sorrow. Exhibited at Edinburgh's Open Eye Gallery.

If What I Say

Papercut and collage on the subject of misrepresentation for Open Eye Gallery's Small Scale Exhibition Dec - Jan 2020


Diorama fine art commenting on the prevalence of sexual harassment against women.

Swallow, Little Swallow

Copper swallow and brass cog on vintage map of solar system, part of a diptych on grief and loss. Exhibited at Edinburgh's Open Eye Gallery

Art Deco New York

A brush and ink copy of an Art Deco-style mural in Dear Irving on Hudson, Manhattan

God's Message

Brush and ink copy of the Creation of Adam, by Michaelangelo, on an A4 hard-backed envelope

Saturday Night

Brush and ink for the Black Apparel Arts scheme, replacing white characters in vintage fashion illustrations for black ones

Chrysler love story

Pencil-drawn illustration for an adult fairytale of New York

Pencil storyboard

Test illustration for movie storyboard.


Portrait in charcoal