Interior mural

Hand-painted in oils on the back of interior window shutters in private home. Completed Dec 2020

First Art Kit - UK & US

First Art Kit, published by Simon & Schuster in May 2021

The Courier Magazine

American Illustration Awards winner. Commission to combine the Mary Quant exhibition at the V&A Dundee with The Courier's anniversary and relaunch of the magazine 03.10.20

Paisley Art Institute

Paisley Art Institute used my Covid Old Glory work for all their advertising of their Open Exhibition 2020, including the programme

Arena Mall Budapest

Christmas campaign for the Arena Mall in Budapest, 2018. Papercut forest.

Arena Mall Budapest - 2

Christmas campaign for the Arena Mall in Budapest, 2018. Papercut forest.

Papercut This Book - UK

UK, Australian and Chinese edition of Papercut This Book, 2017

Arbikie press campaign

Papercut illustration for Arbikie spirits - used in North American press campaign

Arbikie bottle label

Papercut test bottle label for Arbikie's AK's Gin

Christy Rilling Atelier New York

Roses paper sculpture and packaging samples for potential perfume oil range for tailor to the stars, Christy Rilling Atelier

Papercut house

Private commission of client's home in Surrey.


This was created for the New York radio show 360 Degrees, whose producer asked me to make a work from USA income tax forms. The title refers to the amount of tax the US spends on defence.

Center for Book Arts

I'm an instructor at The Center for Book Arts in New York, and run classes on book sculpture for the organisation