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Literary Meal

Book Holiday © Boo Paterson

One of the things people often forget to do when stressed is to nurture themselves by eating properly. 

It’s so easy just to quickly shovel in some junk food, especially if you’re watching the clock. But there’s something gratifying and meditative about making time to prepare your own meals.

I’d like you to fix yourself a nutritious meal – or some home-made treats, if you prefer - based on classic literature.

Why not try an Alice in Wonderland-themed lunch, with goat-cheese and watercress sandwiches, strawberry lemonade and lemon pudding? Or you could have a feast of chowder and beer from Herman Melville’s Moby Dick?

I’ve gone with Sylvia Plath’s recipe for crabmeat-stuffed avocado from The Bell Jar, below, as it can easily be whipped up and scoffed in 15 minutes.

The Little Library Café has loads of literary recipes that you can search either by type of food or by book title, so there’s lots to get your teeth into.

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