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Art Deco Bookends

Book Holiday © Boo Paterson

The days of only organising your books in alphabetical order are long gone. There are so many creative ways to display great reads.

You can separate hardbacks and paperbacks, giving a more streamlined look to your bookshelves, or organise by genre or subject, which can make it a lot easier to find what you want. 

Organising by how the book makes you feel is another good way to navigate through a large collection.

Visual cues are also useful, such as vertical stacking mixed in with horizontal. Group books by height and size, keep leather-bound Victoriana or clean-cut contemporary on different shelves.

Arranging by colour is still thought to be controversial by some, but it can look excellent, and let you easily home-in on your orange Penguin or green Virago spines.

Today’s craft will give you the opportunity to organise a small part of your collection within these Art Deco-style bookends.

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