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Creative concepts to make the world stare

I love nothing more than solving other people's problems.

Whether it's creative direction for large-scale immersive experiences for theatre or festivals, dreaming up innovative advertising concepts, or production co-ordination for movies or travelling circuses, I've always got a solution up my sleeve and a breadth of contacts to call. As an experienced 

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journalist, press-worthiness is automatically built in to any creative endeavour I’m involved with.

As well as doing creative direction for events, companies, and individuals, I’m also experienced in art direction for photoshoots, and can advise on vintage clothes and props, as well as room and set styling. 

I've also combined my decades-long experience of buying and selling vintage to create a new kind of customer experience in my online store: one that produces overarching style concepts for each client.


For example, many people are interested in the Mad Men style of the late 50s and early 60s, and would like their ‘look’ to extend beyond their clothing into their accessories and even their apartment. 


However, without knowing the design language of each era, they often get it wrong and end up with a generic ‘vintage’ vibe, instead of the slick mid-century appearance they wanted.


By setting up my vintage store as a creative direction project, I’ve made customers’ lives easier by allowing them to select a theme that not only contains era-defining clothes, but also the books, music, accessories, and furniture that will allow them to achieve their aims.

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