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Press-ing times for Papercut This Book

Talking about Papercut This Book on Live at Five

Papercut This Book seems to have really captured imaginations around the world.

I've been doing lots of press interviews, including with STV's Live at Five and The Sunday Times, and one thing most want to know is whether the book is easy to do.

The answer is yes. I designed it so that even those with no artistic ability at all can complete it and enjoy the relaxing past-time of papercutting. If you can hold a pen, you can hold a scalpel and work your way through the book.

In Barnes and Noble, New York, with the US edition

I've just returned from a month in New York, where I was launching the US version of the book. Barnes & Noble is the distributor in America, and I was happy to see that every bookshop I went in to had a copy on display.

Amazon's Bookstore at Columbus Circle even persuaded me to do an impromptu signing when I went in with a friend.

My US publisher, Abrams, threw a fantastic launch party for me in the secret bookshop in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, which was a great success...and not at all sober.

US launch party at the secret bookshop in New York

I've got a busy few weeks coming up - the BBC are filming me this week and the following week I have a signing event in Dundee Waterstones. Plus I have to create new works for an exhibition at Open Eye Gallery in Edinburgh, as well as for a large-scale exhibition next year.

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