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Artist Support Pledge sale now on!

I've decided to join the Artist Support Pledge, due to the adverse effect Covid-19 has had on my business,

The scheme means I make many of my artworks for sale at a huge discount - from £40 to £200 - and then promise to buy an artwork for £200 from another artist involved in the initiative as soon as I reach £1000 in sales.

I have dozens of works for sale, many at half price, for a limited period. There are one-of-a-kind papercut works and also lasercut limited editions. You can purchase these through this link to my shop.

The Artist Support Pledge was started by @matthewburrowsstudio to help self-employed artists like me generate some income when all their usual means of earning are closed to them.

A huge range of wonderful artworks by talented artists across the world are now available for £200 or less. You can check these out using the #artistsupportpledge on Instagram. If you like my work, please share this post with friends who might be interested. Thanks for your support!

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